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My name is almost Viola Pinch and I teach health education in XXXXX, Missouri. (Health education is what you might call sex ed if you were being honest.) Before I got to town health ed consisted of "Girlies, brace yourself." Thank God we've left that attitude behind and we're making forward progress. Anyway, I read lots and lots and it's time I wrote them down somewhere where others can see and read them. Hopefully I'll connect with people who share my passions (including coconut cream pie and zebra-print clothing).

Nothing Missing in the Missing Year

Reblogged from ViolaPinchisBack:
The Missing Year of Juan Salvatierra - Pedro Mairal

This is a great little book about a great big idea - namely, art as life, life as art. In the story, a man loses his ability to speak and instead expresses his ideas through his paintbrush, painting a long and haunting canvass that flows like a muddy stream from one turn to the next. 


It's as pretty in English as a friend said it was in Spanish and I believe it, because it's beautiful and delicate and full of longing and the desire to KNOW. To KNOW, to UNDERSTAND.


Sometimes when people set out to find what they want, they don't want what they find. But The Missing Year of Juan Salvatierra is much more than that.